Frontier Science personnel advise and contribute at every stage of trial delivery from the first draft of the trial protocol to the presentation of trial results and their dissemination. We have expertise in the following:

  • the formalisation of research questions
  • the estimation of accrual requirements and anticipated timelines
  • the development and implementation of any required algorithms for fair and unbiased allocation of treatment to patients (randomisation)
  • the definition of appropriate data for collection and design of data collection instruments
  • the collection, storage and handling of data ensuring security and confidentiality
  • dialogue with sites in the event of data queries or study conduct questions
  • the development of agreed procedures in advance for the analysis and reporting of trial results, including communication plans, agreed intentions for authorship and schedules for publication

Protocol Development

Frontier Science provides meaningful input to researchers and Sponsors in all areas of protocol development, including statistical design, entry criteria, practical details such as data management information and general consistency in the entire protocol document. During the protocol development stage, we work with researchers to set up required study procedures (randomisation, database design, study monitoring) and systems and to prepare any necessary study materials.