Title of Publication

Adjuvant pertuzumab and trastuzumab in patients with early HER-2 positive breast cancer in APHINITY: 8.4 years’ follow-up


Loibl, S; Jassem, J; Sonnenblick, A; Parlier, D; Winer, E; Bergh, J; Gelber, RD; Restuccia, E; Im, YH; Huang, C; Dalenc, F; Calvo, I; Procter, M; Caballero, C; Clark, E; Gomez Moreno, HL; Bliss, J; Viale, G; Bines, J; Piccart, M;

Publication Reference

Annals of Oncology | Volume 33 | Issue 9 | Page(s) 986-987 | Publication Year 2022