Colorectal cancer (CRC) is major burden in western countries which develops over a long time-interval from precursor lesions which exist in the colon. Colonoscopy can detect and remove the precursor lesions and may therefore be an effective intervention for the prevention of CRC. The NordICC study is a randomised controlled trial which compares a study group, who are offered a one-time screening colonoscopy, with a control group who follow the current standard of care. The aim of the study is to address the efficacy of population colonoscopy screening on reducing CRC incidence and mortality after 15 years of follow up. Frontier Science collaborates with the University of Oslo to manage the data collection and cleaning processes, and clinical database management for the study, which has over 100,000 participants from Norway, Poland, Netherlands and Sweden.




The HERA trial influenced changes in the standard of care for those with HER2-positive breast cancer. Find out more about the study design and our involvement >>


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