Title of Abstract

Pre-specified event driven analysis of Overall Survival (OS) in the OlympiA phase III trial of adjuvant olaparib (OL) in germline BRCA1/2 mutation (gBRCAm) associated breast cancer


A. N. J. Tutt; J. Garber; R. D. Gelber; K-A. Phillips; A. Eisen; O. T. Johannsson; P. Rastogi,K.Y.Cui; S-A. Im, R. Yerushalmi; A. M. Brufsky; M. Taboada; G. Rossi; G. Yothers; C. Singer; L. E. Fein; N. Loman; D. Cameron; C. Campbell; C. E. Geyer


ESMO Virtual Plenary Abstract | Annals of Oncology | Volume 33 | Issue 5 | Page(s) 566-568 | Publication Year 2022